This is for those of u who would like the chance to win $$$/free dyno time/gas, etc.. while at the track. This yr will be the 3rd season for IMSM & it's growing leaps & bounds, so check it out-especially if u wanna whack some FORDS If you're curious, it's a bracket racing series that my car club & I ran in last year & I WON, btw For more info, go here: The class I was in was for cars that run 12 & slower & here's the Nova I beat in the qtrfinals: SO, if u like to race & want to win $$$$ & free dyno time/gas, etc based on the sponsors doin' it, check out the site cuz last yr we only raced at Byron, but this yr it'll go to GLD, 41, Cordova & Byron to attract new people. Here's a link to show u the kind of cars that run in the different classes-as fast as 8 second 1/4's!!! Be patient as u scroll thru the pix cuz they start off lame (except for me in the 2nd & 3rd pic), but the fast cars are towards the end. Keep in mind, ANYONE can run what ya brung in this series, so bring the wife/gf & she can race, too like my wife who'll race our '06 Trailblazer Here it is:
I can't wait to redeem my 1 hr of free dyno time that I won for winning the last race of the yr-which catapulted me to 1st place for the class overall HOPE TO SEE SOME OF MY FELLOW F-BODY OWNERS OUT THERE LAYIN' THE SMACK DOWN ON SOME MUSTANGS (like I did when I beat my teammate/friend in his '03 Mach I in the finals HAHA)