coming up this weekend the Quick 8 Outlaws will be heading into Darlington for what's sure to be our fastest field this year. on hand will be the fastest automatic pro-mod in the world. "The High Roller" owned by jack freeman and driven by gene hayes will try to lay down some more record numbers on this fresh surface. aslo yours truly " flex racing" will be in the house proving the power of procharger with our steve petty (pro-line engines) powerplant.
so come on out and join us for some ground pounding pro-mod action.
check out the Darlington website if you want to jump in the bracket racing. bound to be a great time.
Who's Coming So Far!!!!!!!!

1.Gene Hayes "Highroller 57 Chevy" (blower)
2.Rick Fleck "Flex Dragon" Camaro(Super Charger)
3.David Ross "Back In Black" Nova(nos)
4.Troy Jordans "Armeggedon" Camaro(nos)
5.Lorenza Stringfield's Brand New Spencer Racing" GTO(nos)
6.Steve Splawns 57 Chevy(nos)
7.Jim Arpin 63 Vette(blower)
8.Dennis Jordan(blown) (NEW CAR)
9.Brian Masons "Asphault Cowboy" 53 Corvette (nos)
10.Brian Schoonover "Ashley Racing" Beretta (blown)
11.Cork Blackshire "Skint Back Racing" 51 Chevy(nos)
12.Franki Bartlett "Mr Fordtastic" 69 Mustang (nos)
13.Irby Goff "Southern Rock" Beretta (nos)
14.Dwight "The Lawyer" Moore 68 Camaro (nos)
15.Kenny Kneece (Jokers Wild)63 Corvette (nos)
16.Carol Long "She Devil" 63 Corvette (nos)
17.Robbie "Wildman" Draughon Camaro (blown)
18.Sambo Price "Back In Black" 68 Camaro (nos)
19. Jeremy Creasman C&C Chemical Grandam(nos)
20. Nick Cline 38 Special (nos)
21.Shawn Jenkins "Bandit" Camaro (nos)
22. Bubba Livingston "BladeRunner" Corvette (nos)
23. Kip Kauffman "69 Camaro" (nos)