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Can i win?

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    Can i win?

    Some guy called me out on a local forum. Hes in a 92 Hatch.

    I asked him his mods. and he said,
    It is just an all motor hatchback, the motor is a B16 with type r cams, skunk 2 valve springs and retainers, type r header, and hondata s100.

    And he is able to do to 9000 rpm and weighs about 2000 pounds.

    That vs my 02 SS Auto, Cold Air, Yank 3000, !sway, and DRs.

    Anyone have a guess? Cause those Honda terms i don't understand.
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    you'll get him. He'd still probably be good for mid to low 14's, but with a 3k stall, your going to demolish him off the line, then continue pulling. HARD.

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    i hate them cars. they're hideous. (would love to stuff an LSX in one tho )

    but seriously, even if one stomped a mudhole in my ass, it still sounds fuckin stupid doing it. i mean who wants a car that sounds like either a shitty crotch rocket or a badass lawnmower?

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    Should be able to get him for fun

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    If the 92 came with a:
    SI had 125HP 1.6
    DX had 102HP 1.5
    VX had 92HP 1.5
    CX had 70HP 1.5

    I don't know what all that honda stuff meant either so I looked it up:
    B16, I think means its the 125HP 1.6
    type r cams = 7HP
    type r header = 8HP
    hondata s100 (electronics) = 29HP

    If adding it all together is true then 125+7+8+29 = 169HP
    So I'm guessing 144HP to the tires with a 5 speed at best and good tires.

    If he and the car weigh 2200 then 14.4 @ 95MPH
    2000lbs maybe a 13.95 @ 98MPH

    That high RPM motor might gain him a couple more MPH and tenths. If he's hiding Nitros, you might lose.

    All motor he can't beat you. If he sprays, he could get a high 12 / low 13.

    This is all base on internet and basic math, so what ever that's worth. Best way to really know is at the track.
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    No comparison if he is honest. that 9k rpms means hell break it easier. No major lsx killing power in raising shift points alone

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    I hate Hondas... LOL Anyway, I was just recently at the track and, there was a 96ish integra there. He has cams, Typical nasty exhaust, and some other stuff. Oh and I think it was gutted... Well he was struggling to get out of the 14.5's. His buddy had a HAGGARD 90's hatch which was turbo'ed and who knows what else... and he was struggling to get out of the 14.0's I think he ended up running a 13.9. I think you got him lol
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