This engine is for sale I tried to post it in the F/S section but wasn't allowed. Please move it if this post is a problem
Thank you

LSX Block 429 CUI
Bore 4.130
Stroke 4.000
O-Ringed Deck
Copper Head Gaskets
Diamond Coated Pistons with 3 spares
MGP Aluminum Rods with 2 spares
Sonny Bryant Crank
Jesel Valve train
ET C5R Cylinder Heads
Matching ET cast Maniflod with elbow
9/16 ARP Head Studs
Jesel Belt Drive
Jesel .937 Dia Lifters
7/16 push rods
Custom Comp Cam
ARE Dry Sump Pan

Motor comes with all my custom Brackets for cam sensor and Crank trigger etc..

Save yourself a ton of money and time this is a proven combo Mid 7's @ over 3400 lbs with twin 76s over 1800hp to the tire.