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Yes, Another Will These Tires Break My Rear? (A4)

This is a discussion on Yes, Another Will These Tires Break My Rear? (A4) within the Wheels and Tires forums, part of the General Help category; I understand there are threads like these, but "I" can't find exactly what I'm looking for. Well I have a ...

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    Yes, Another Will These Tires Break My Rear? (A4)

    I understand there are threads like these, but "I" can't find exactly what I'm looking for.

    Well I have a 02 A4 50k WS6 (Yeah I know an Auto doesn't put as much shock on the stock 10-bolt as a Manual does) with full exhaust and a lid on street tires. I'm about to get a 3600 stall (with all things to help it live) and if these street tires are doing anything with no stall then they aren't going to do anything with a stall.

    I wan't to to get Nitto NT05 (275/40-17) for my car sense its a DD, which is the reason I am not getting ET streets, and I go to the track at the most twice a month but I just wan't to know before I do the stall or tires will it break my rear end quickly?

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    I have heard some rear ends brake in stock trim and some don't it's all in your driving style from what i hear i run street tires and have not broken it yet lol and I too am planning on getting nittos soon

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    I broke my 3.23's with the car almost stock just a few bolt ons with shty Kumho ASS 275/35r18. I know rebuilt the reaqr since a 9" was too much for me back then and with the4 Kumho's I spun everywhere so they were ok. I got BFG KDW NT's and they grip what used to go sideways from 1-2 is now a loud chirp. I also have full exaust and bolt ons with full suspension. No stall yet but I can almost tell you with the grip of the KDW's I'll trash the rear with some track runs. Factory rears are weak although I noticed the Motive gears I installed seem to take mor abuse than the stock 3.23's. Also if your A4 isn't tuned yet and after a stall it should be it will shift harder and put more shock on the rear. Never tried the Nitto's but heard they grip well just make sure if it's a DD you can at least afford a set of new gears and a ratech deluxe install kit to fix it if you can't upgrade right now. A4's shock the rear plenty I hear mine beg for mercy on occasion. I also run my shift poinst to 6k to keep the car in it's powerband better since I don't have a stall. Helped alot it has more than the factory shift points let it have.
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