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Where To Get Mounted?

This is a discussion on Where To Get Mounted? within the Wheels and Tires forums, part of the General Help category; I just got my c6 zo6 chrome wheels, and I got a set of potenza 275-35-18's on the way wich ...

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    Where To Get Mounted?

    I just got my c6 zo6 chrome wheels, and I got a set of potenza 275-35-18's on the way wich set me back 240 a piece and shipping(and does not even get a 25k mile warranty?!?!). Anyways, I already know I want the adhesive sticky wheel weights, and have them on inside. But, where can I go that will not beat the hell out of them. I was thinking about going to wal-mart and just watching them chip them, and then just flipping out on the pre-pubescent high school kid and demand new wheels. But, wrather just have it done right.

    I have tire irons, and do my four wheeler(quad) rims myself all the time. I was wondering if I laid rags on the rims if I would have more luck than some other place?

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    If you feel comfortable doing it yourself I would say go for it.

    Use plenty of lube/rags and you chip them.

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    Yeah, I would stay away from going to walmart....and doing it your self. Ive worked at a tire store before, doing low profile tires and all that, and wow, i could never imagine mounting low profile tires by hand. I usually have to use 2 tire iron holding the tire below the rim's lip, as well at the tire machine....

    To awnser your question though, go to a place that speciallizes in aftermarket wheels. They have the experience and the right machines. It may cost a bit ($100 after balancing) But its worth it after you spent all your money on your new wheels

    O, and another thing to worry about is the installer tearing up a tire......

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