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What tire and size???

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    Question What tire and size???

    Well I am looking at buying some new tires. Tired of not hooking on the street. It is really bad!!! So I am wondering what tire to go with, so far I have been looking at the MT Street Radials, the Nitto 555R, and the Nitto 555R II Extreme. Not even sure really what the difference is between the 2 Nitto's. Or is there a better tire out there? My car has become mostly my weekend toy. I want a good set of tires that will hook on the road (for those occasional runs) as well as hook allright at the track (for those nights where I don't put my centerlines with slicks on). And I am not worried if the tire will only last 6 months with abuse. I don't go out of town often, don't really drive in the rain, and don't drive at all in the snow so those factors will not be much of a concern.

    2nd question what is the largest size I can fit on my stock rim? I have read 285/40/17, 295/40/17, and someone even says with Nitto you can fit a 315/35/17. I would like to go larger than my stock 275/40/17 for the rear.

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    stock rims, stay w/ 275/40-17
    Nitto 555RII and Nitto 555R (drag radial) have exact same compound and thread.
    The only difference is that the RII has 2 steel belts vs 1 and is better in cornering.
    Yet, both of them yield same traction off the line and same 60ft.
    I'd get 555RII allround.
    Another tire to consider is the Nitto NT-01 that is the new version of the 555RII.
    I have the NT-01 and love it.
    Since you don't drive in water/snow... I'd opt for NT-01... better than the other mentionned tires w/ the newer compound, but not good on water... although I've been in a major downpour w/ them and was pleasantly surprised, given that I thought I was in shit, but wasn't @ highway speeds on torrencial rain.
    almost stock triple-black 2000 SS convertible with 17x11s on all 4 w/ 315s at the track or on the street with 18x10.5s on all 4 w/ 315s: (1), (2)

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