Okay, so I'm a drag racer at heart, have been for 21 years now.

This summer I entered in my first SCCA Solo event. (parking lot road course racing)
What a total frikken blast!!!
Anyways, my car is set up for straight line acceleration. (as is every car I've ever had)

I need front tires since mine are about bald and 200 years old.
I can hook pretty decent in the straights, but when I turn my steering wheel going into curves... the car still goes straight! haha (and yes, I tried slowing down a little.... I practically have to putt around the corners or I slide right through them)

Since I have to buy tires anyways, I want to buy tires that will work good in the SCCA circuit, but also hold up decent since I put alot of miles on her. I'll already have to replace my drag radials in the back about every year, I don't want to replace the fronts every year too!
Any opinions??

Thanks in advance!