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Various Tire Issues

This is a discussion on Various Tire Issues within the Wheels and Tires forums, part of the General Help category; Over the last few weeks I've been learning about tires, it seems there are only 2 real options for upgrading ...

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    Various Tire Issues

    Over the last few weeks I've been learning about tires, it seems there are only 2 real options for upgrading my 02 WS6.....better 275/40/17s or larger 315/35/17s

    I also seem to have very limited rim options in the styles I want, but thats another story.

    What I'm down to now is what tires are available in these sizes?? It seems half the tires I'm interested in don't come in 275/40 and almost No tires come in 315/35. (I've been using and as well as manufacturers sites to try to find tires) - I'm not including drag radials, or R compound tires in my search as I want tires I can afford to drive regularly and that work in rain.

    And my last 2 tire questions are this: #1 If stock 275/40/17s have a outside diameter of 25.7" can I use a tire with an outside diameter of 26.1" (that would be a 285/40/17...a bit more width, but a little bigger around) And if I did what would be the effect on the speedo, and would it make the axle easier to snap or have other negative effects?
    And #2 If I have stock 275/40/17s on the factory 9" rims (the narrowest rim width with recommended by tire manufactures) will I get more tread contact using an 11" rim (the maximum recommended by tire manufacturers) and will there be any negatives or hazzards to using that tire size on an 11" rim.

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    1... yes you can use a 285/40-17... but I would do so on all corners to have same OD (Overall Diamater)

    2... 275/40-17 will fit well on 17x11 and be very safe... many people have raced with them and they are actually better mounted on the rim than the 285s on a 17x9 wheel. It will increase slightly your foot print, but you can easily put 275s until you get the 315s for the 17x11.
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