So I'm going to be purchasing an LS1 F-body here within the next month and it is going to be my DD. Gas shouldn't be too bad since most driving will be interstate with a 6 speed.

What I'm looking at is tires though.

Alot of you go Regular type tires on the front, and then Nitto DR's on the back. Is this even feasible for DD'ing?

I wont lie, they will see some snow. But the most we get here is one inch. And if it's too much I'll just take my brothers F150 with huge ass swampers up to my campus and let him bum a ride with a friend. We get some rain, but I don't drive in anything heavy unless I have to.

Ummm. I want something that is going to grip very well around corners but still let me launch decently.

Also. Is there any concern with gas mileage loss on these? I know my brother dropped a few with his tires... but that's a bit more understandable. And He's still in highschool so the drive isn't to bad for him anyway.