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Tire sizes for 17" and 15" Rims check it out.

This is a discussion on Tire sizes for 17" and 15" Rims check it out. within the Wheels and Tires forums, part of the General Help category; Hey guys this is just some sizes for you guys wanting to go with a bigger tire. Say 28's! Some, ...

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    Tire sizes for 17" and 15" Rims check it out.

    Hey guys this is just some sizes for you guys wanting to go with a bigger tire. Say 28's! Some, "Not All" people can get away with this. Most of our f-bodies are currently running between [255(z28's)-275(SS's)] tires so this list should fit. Some may require little work. Like cutting the bump stop off to gain that extra inch or inch1/2. Some may have also beat the inner wheel well. Then sprayed it with an undercoat paint spray. Those are the things that I had to do. But like I said not all people may have to do it. So here's what I found to be a quick little guide to refer to when your looking to go a little bigger. & Plz if this is just my $.02, so if anyone has any other info or if I'm wrong plz let me know. I'll try to fix/add ASAP.

    My guess Fronts would be between a 185 to a 255. & Rears would be between 265 to 325

    For 15" Rims
    185/75-15. D=25.9"
    195/75-15. D=26.5"
    205/75-15. D=27.1"
    215/75-15. D=27.7"
    225/70-15. D=27.4"
    235/70-15. D=28"
    245/65-15. D=27.5"
    255/65-15. D=28.1"

    For 17" Rims
    185/75-17. D=27.9"
    195/70-17. D=27.8"
    205/65-17. D=27.5"
    215/65-17. D=28"
    225/60-17. D=27.6"
    235/60-17. D=28.1"
    245/55-17. D=27.6"
    255/55-17. D=28.1"
    K, Now the Rear

    For 15" Rims
    265/60-15. D=27.5"
    275/60-15. D=28"
    285/55-15. D=27.3"
    295/55-15. D=27.8"
    305/50-15. D=27"(55-15=28.2")
    315/50-15. D=27.4"
    325/50-15. D=27.8"

    &For 17" Rims
    265/50-17. D=27.4"
    275/50-17. D=27.8"
    285/45-17. D=27.1"(50-17=28.2")
    295/45-17. D=27.5"
    305/45-17. D=27.8"
    315/45-17. D=28.2"
    325/40-17. D=27.2"
    (All these tire sizes are rounded to the nearest tenth so +/-.04" except the ones that are already in the 28" range "DoNotAdd" those are the numbers.)
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    Overall Diameter Table

    here's a sticky on the site

    and ur sig, that movie cracked me the hell up

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