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Tire pressure

This is a discussion on Tire pressure within the Wheels and Tires forums, part of the General Help category; What does everyone keep their tire pressure at. I though the basic was always 32. But then read you could ...

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    Tire pressure

    What does everyone keep their tire pressure at. I though the basic was always 32. But then read you could adjust it based on handling or mileage. I know each tire has its own max psi. Is say the max psi is 44 I normally run like 38 because heat will obviously increase the pressure. Own the car I just bought it has sportcompact 2 and the max pressure is 51 psi. I have them set at 40 psi that I just adjusted today. When I checked them before filling one had 39.5,36.0 ,33 and the last one was like 34. So what is the opinion of the experts here?

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    I keep mine at 35

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    Cold pressure: 31 up front and 30 in the rear. I really try to avoid cupping the tires.

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    Most vehicles will have a recommended tire pressure sticker inside the drivers door.
    Mine says 30psi cold. I still run the same pressures even with a larger wheel and tire pkg.
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