Does anybody need 3, Eagle F1's to fit a Camaro SS?

A few weeks back, one of mine blew out on a road trip and I've been dealing with getting 4 new tires. They had about 30,000 miles, good tread but were dry rotten. Shot.

I spent 2 weeks, researching the internet at night, learning about the various tires available and reading reviews from buyers.

I had only a few hundred to spend and not thousands that it would take to buy exotic tires. I had to find a deal on some reasonably good tires and I found them.

I called every dealer in town and there were only 2 sets in town, Falken ZE-512s and Cooper Zeon 2XS. Got quotes for both.

Back to the internet, I found the lowest cost for both brands, figured the shipping, mount and balance (locally) and had a total cost in mind (in which to haggle).

They had the Falken and the Coopers, side by side. I could tell immediately by pushing down and feeling the tires that the Cooper is far superior and much more durable. The dealer explained that the Falken is for a soft, smooth ride. BS.. I drive a muscle car. Give me a harsh, stiff ride with grippy tires!! I opted for the Cooper ZEON's.

The dealer price turned out to be $1.80 more than ordering off the internet, paying shipping and mounting. One dollar and eighty-cents over.

I got 4 new tires this afternoon!

I pulled the SS up to the garage opening and the service manage insisted that HE drive the car on the jack and I said, "NO way!"

He had me pull up on the long, sled jack and it was directly under the fender flanges..!!! I said it couldn't be jacked on this one and he said he jacked cars everyday and I said, "you don't these cars, apparently."

My shop experience was starting out bad because I was being an ***hole! Oh well. You have to do what you have to do when you care for one of these awesome cars.

I insisted on the adjustable jack lift, pulled the car up on it, crawled under and personally placed the lifts under the correct jack point notches on the frame. I made them lift slowly and I went around to all 4 and repositioned until it was perfectly aligned on the jack points and not busting anything.

If I had not been an *SShole about it, my fenders would all be busted and bulging out now.

Nobody in the shop even knew what kind of car it is. Not one person knew it was a Camaro, much less an SS. What's up with that? Are our cars dinosaurs already?

Good news is that not only was my blow-out rim OK, I got a good set of tires as it took very minimal wheel balancing weight.

I had them air 'em up to 36, paid the bill and headed out on the highway.

My first impression of the Cooper Zeon 2XS:

They felt great coming off the lot and I could sense the rear traction and the supple, new rubber feel. No scratch off like I got from the old Eagles.

A truck challenged me at a light and I got a great launch and lost him. I felt wheel hop, going over rough pavement under acceleration. Hmmm.... Too much air pressure at 36?

Out on the highway, I could not get enough open space to get over 95 mph but they felt great at the higher speed. I was going to take 'er on up to 150 but that'll have to wait for another time.

Down the state highway and streets, they felt sure footed but the tire pressure felt too high at 36. Sorta bumpy. Still, great traction. I didn't get into any twisties but rounded some corners very aggressively and these Coopers are at least 5 times better than the old F1's. Very good traction. The stiff sidewalls are the ticket.

They are one-directional and have V-shaped, swept back, water grooves. Although they're "summer" tires, I imagine they'll do great in the rain. NO snow or ice driving where I live in Mississippi. If it does ice over, I take the pickup truck.

I know they aren't the best tires in the world but they're not the worst and they're brand new. They beat the hell out of the rotten Eagles.

I didn't have over a thousand to spend on really good tires. All my other vehicles have run Cooper tires for years and they have been nothing less than excellent. My Camaro is not a daily driver and they will likely weather-rot before the tread is half used. I hope they last at least 5 years.

I brought the 3, remaining F1's back home in the hatchback of the car. I could smell the dirty rubber and the dogsh*t that I had run over earlier! Ugh.

You can't imagine how humiliating it was to limp home from the coast for 187 miles on the gimpy spare tire. Not to mention the fact that I haven't been able to drive the SS for several weeks. It sure is good to have the SS back and running.

2002 SS

2002 SS #243 Blue M6 Hardtop

This car simply drives away from ordinary vehicles.

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