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Time for brakes! any recommendations??

This is a discussion on Time for brakes! any recommendations?? within the Wheels and Tires forums, part of the General Help category; Don't know if i should post this here but o well, like the title says, i was thinking about upgrading ...

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    Time for brakes! any recommendations??

    Don't know if i should post this here but o well, like the title says, i was thinking about upgrading them to drilled and slotted rotors i've priced them at advance autoparts and they have them for ~$95 each, FL, FR. are drilled and slotted rotors worth the 300 plus total cost, or should i stick with the normal replacement parts. I would like to have that look of those performance rotors but i wanted your opinions first. thanks.

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    ive heard many times over there is lil or no performance upgrade from drilled/slotted rotors but there mostly for looks............hawk pads on the other hand are a huge upgrade for 70 bucks vs 30 for standard pads

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    A few years ago I upgraded to Baer brakes on my 94 and I was considering going with slotted rotors. From what I was told by their rep was that they would not work as well as the nonslotted rotors, think slick vs treaded tire. The slots and drilled from what I understand were mostly for older brake pads that needed to vent gases and with newer materials this was not needed. All that said, I highly recommend the Baer kits, they have saved me a few times having that extra braking power.

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    Ive heard powerslot rotors are really good. and to also stay away from drilled rotors cause they are more prone to warping and can crack.

    And get some hawk pads to go with them, just put some on my car and their great pads.

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    I use blank Brembo rotors with ceramic pads, upgraded the brake lines to stainless steel braided, and flushed & filled the system with Valvoline 100% synthetic brake fluid. Over 30K, the pads don't dust on the wheels and the rotors haven't warped yet. Drilled rotors can develop stress cracks around the holes and slotted rotors will wear your pads out more quickly. Take a look at Tire Rack's site.

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