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This is a discussion on Storage within the Wheels and Tires forums, part of the General Help category; I know its a dumb question..... But..... Those of you in my area. Snow area that dont drive the car.. ...

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    I know its a dumb question..... But..... Those of you in my area. Snow area that dont drive the car.. Do you just park it in the garage for 4 maybe 5 months? I keep hearing that its best to keep it on jackstands on the frame rails? or off the suspension period. As it will cause condensation on the car and brakes and makes flatspots on the tires? Im still in a tossup over a Fbody or a vette. But im sure its gonna be winter when i buy. Im in the process of buying a house right now.

    Good news is i will have a nice garage. And its been added on and the old spot where the door was is still there. My thoughts are knock out the makeshift door so i can put the car in the acual basement area. Heat and air. And figure out how to make the wall kinda like a door. As the added garage will just be for my quads and mowers and such. I figure that way the car is in the heat and less condensation? Sorry for a long post. Its just bugging me

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    I just park mine in the garage. No jackstands, no fuel treatment. Never had a problem with flat spots on the tires or condensation.

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    Parked in a heated garage with the gas tank mostly full and Stabil in the tank. I rotate a Battery Tender between vehicles and maybe 3-4 times during the winter she gets fired up and washed. Anytime the car is started it is allowed to run up to full temp to minimize the moisture in the exhaust that accumulates on cold start up. I am way jealous of the guys on here that can drive their cars year round. At a minimum, our car is off the road for at least 4-1/2 months.

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