I'm looking for a new set of wheels. I just bought my c6 z06s but I need something with 10.5 to 11" in the rear to fit a bigger tire. Not for sure selling the c6 z06s unless i get the right money out of them.

I got a few ?'s

Are the bogart RR RT's the kinda wheel you only use at the drag strip. I hear they are, but I need some advice. I thought they looked good. If anyone has any pictures, I would love to see them. I've only seen one picture of these RR RT's in 17".

TT II's might be a good bet, I was hopin to get something kinda unique, but everything costs more that way. TT II's might be my best choice. How hard is polishing them if I had a mother's power ball? Way harder than chrome I assume?

I think smoothie II's might look ok, but they aren't even wide enough so that will probably be out of the question.

If I were to widen my c6 z06s, would they even fit, since they add all the rim to the inside of the car? I could probably use spacers, but I bet this adds up to a lot of money right?

Lets see what you guys think.

Just remember, I'm kinda looking for a 17x10.5 to 11" rim. I'd rather it be chrome or polished.