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Pot holes + 35 mph = Bent Rim and Blown Tire

This is a discussion on Pot holes + 35 mph = Bent Rim and Blown Tire within the Wheels and Tires forums, part of the General Help category; Ok so I'm driving down the road a few days after a blizzard, the snow had primarily melted mind you, ...

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    Pot holes + 35 mph = Bent Rim and Blown Tire

    Ok so I'm driving down the road a few days after a blizzard, the snow had primarily melted mind you, I wouldn't drive my baby in the snow LoL Cruising along going 35 in a 50 on a side street because there was still a bit of ice and all of a sudden Holy S@#% a pot hole the size of the grand canyon comes out and attacks me. The biggest most gut jarring boom I've ever heard, the damn thing was invisible. Anyway, driving along and I feel a boom boom and notice my steering is curving aggressively to the right, so I know where this is going, pull over, sure enough the pot hole devoured my wheel and tire. Chrome ZR1 with a 245/40/17 Eagle F1 GS-D3 that was new destroyed. Now I'm stuck with over 400 dollars that I can't really afford, so I call up the city and yell at them, drop a few curse words, drop a few mom insults and then finally I'm informed that the city can be held responsible.

    The Moral of the story is, don't let the city rape you because they can't take care of the streets that you pay taxes to keep up. I believe they called it a Tort claim. It sounds like it will take a few months, but if you have pictures and a legit claim, you can get your car fixed free of charge or get the money back that you already spent. Just some information for you people who have or have not been in the situation

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    It will be a hassle getting your money back, but you will. Typical OK roads though
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    yea we have a bunch of pot holes in CT

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    This happened to me the very first week I owned my WS6 back in 2001. Bent the shit out of my rim and blew a tire. Took pictures of the pothole and sent them in with a complaint after I had talked to some people over the phone. They refused to pay for the repair because I was supposedly the first person to complain about the pothole, and for them to cover it they need numerous complaints regarding the same hole. Like they would really tell me if there were numerous complaints anyway.

    But I actually got off pretty easy, sent the stock rim to Trans Wheel and they fixed it for like $100.00 or something. Then Discount Tire gave me a good price on new rubber.

    I hope the city gives you your money back, but I wouldn't count on it until you have the check in your hand. Any excuse those assholes have not to pay there gonna use.
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