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new tires

This is a discussion on new tires within the Wheels and Tires forums, part of the General Help category; Howdy folks, I'm budgeting for new tires in the next couple months and I'd love some suggestions. I've got a ...

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    new tires

    Howdy folks, I'm budgeting for new tires in the next couple months and I'd love some suggestions. I've got a 2000 Z with 17X9.5 ZR-1 wheels currently wearing the 275/40 17 BFG GForce Sports that came with the car. It's currently 100% street driven. I live in Central Florida and we get some pretty impressive downpours 8 months of the year so I'm willing to trade ultimate dry performance for wet handling/hydroplaning resistance although I know that super hydroplaning resistance is relative with a 275 mil tire with an LS1. I'd like to pay less than $150 per tire and it would be a plus if they had a 300+ treadwear rating. Also there are alot of circles in my area instead of traffic stops, so my passenger side tires take a beating. Non-directional tires so I can rotate front to back and x-wise would be perfect. I had Kumho ASX's on my previous DD a 2700lb Hyundai Elantra GT and I was mostly happy with them, I've also been looking at the Sumi HTR+'s (because they are non-directional) also. I don't have to have non-directional tires but they would be preferred.

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    go to tire rack's website. they do testing themselves and give opinions on what tires do which things best, also have a consumer rating with everything from wet, dry, snow traction, noise, etc. just punch in a tire size and go from there.

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    Just bought some BFG Gforce supersport a/s, All season ultra high performance i think. Its got a 400 treadwear so not super soft. They rule, Excellent traction in the wet and even more so in the dry. Look them up, last time i checked tirerack had em for $130 a tire or something.
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    sumitomo HTRz tires is what i used and have real good rain capabilities

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    I also used super cheap sumi's. For DD I have no complaints. Lay into them or take them to the track and you'll spin the whole way down.

    I've had them on for 15-18k miles and it's about time to replace them.

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