Hello, I purchased my 99 WS6 back in July and it came with aftermarket Weld Racing rims on it. Being my daily driver, I had to drive it after the ice storm we had so I could go take a final for college and one of my rims hit a curb sliding on ice and bent the lip a little bit. Didn't effect the handling, or knock anything out of alignment so in that department I got a lil lucky, but being in SE Kansas, I'm not sure if there is anywhere that would be able to fix the lip on this rim or if that is even a possibility. So i've been looking for another one of these rims, hoping to find one at a decent price to replace this one, but evidently its been discontinued and no one has any. I can not find a name for the rim, I know it is a Weld Racing Rim forged aluminum but no model name for it. I've included a picture below so incase anyone can help me locate one or at least figure out the name of the rims so I'll have another starting point for my search. Any help would be greatly appreciated.