I just bought some super cheap, super nice looking BMW tuner multi-laced BBS styled lightweight aluminum rims. I love them, the looks and everything. But they have curb rash. SO heres my plan. Im sedning them to weldcraft to have a 3 inch lip added to the back wheels, and have the curb rash fixed on the front. Theyre painted silver maybe hyper silver now, but i want them machined face. Can they do that at shops where you take your wheel to have it refinished/painted? WHo can do this? Is there a way to do it myself? I mean its just exposing thr grain of the metal right? How do i do it myself? They charge soooo much to refinish wheels in shops i dont think its worth it, i can paint at my house for way less than $150/wheel. If i paint them dark gray or charcoal, then "machine face" them, i will love them! Do you think i could just sand them?