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hole in tire on the side not side wall just side

This is a discussion on hole in tire on the side not side wall just side within the Wheels and Tires forums, part of the General Help category; Too many horror stories to ever use the fix a flat....

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    Too many horror stories to ever use the fix a flat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HOBS View Post
    Lol why didnt you just tear the valve stem out and put a new one in? Was it TPMS?
    no it didn't have a pressure sensor, it was clogged below the rim surface so cutting the top off wouldn't help and it was a set of painted aluminum rims so I didn't want to put my side cutters against the rim to cut it flush and push the base into the rim.

    I also had a customer with a wheel out of balance, put it on the balancer added weights, spun it again to check it and the balance moved, remounted the rim thinking it wasn't seated propery, same thing, so I took the tire off the rim to check the balance of the rim itself only to find a solid frozen puddle of fix a flat spinning around inside the tire after I dismounted it. (this was in upstate NY in the winter BTW, one more reason I love FL, no frozen car issues).

    I can just imagine the repair order for that one "customer states tires feel out of balance when tempreature is below freezing" lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by HOBS View Post
    More than likely a patch will never hold where that hole is. The tire will flex to much and it will start to leak around the patch. I cant tell in the pic but you said its a slit not a hole, I cant tell how big. Depending on how big it is even if you do attemplt to plug it it may take more than one plug to seal. Which is highly ill advised IMO. Dont use the fix a flat stuff it probably wont work and the tire shop will hate you.
    yes you are absolutely correct about the tire flexing and peeling a convensionally shaped patch hopefully this oval shaped patch will hold. untill I get 2 new tires.
    yes this hole was a bit wider than the normal nail, must have been glass.

    the tire man initially inserted a plug then imenidately pulled it out.

    he ended up using a differnt shaped patch covered w/ black glue see attached illustration.

    tire is holding 35Lbs of preasure for last couple of days.haven't driven car much I'm leary of a blow out. this tire has definitly
    slowed me down a bit.

    I'm thinking that tread separation will occur soon due to the hole allowing moisture on the metal cords inside tire.
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