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Handling change w/ tire change

This is a discussion on Handling change w/ tire change within the Wheels and Tires forums, part of the General Help category; Howdy folks. First off, new Camaro owner, so if I sound like a total moron, please forgive me. I come ...

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    Handling change w/ tire change

    Howdy folks.

    First off, new Camaro owner, so if I sound like a total moron, please forgive me. I come from a driving history of WRXes, so my knowledge on all things V8ish is a smidgen limited, but hey, I'm learning.

    I recently purchased a 1999 Z28 6-speed with some moderate engine work; headers, etc. The one thing he didn't touch too much of, thankfully (for me, for tweaking purposes) is the suspension and the wheels/tires.

    So, it's riding on the standard 245/50-16s. To say it looks goofy is an understatement.

    With my WRXes, I never had the option (well, I did, but I wasn't a total moron...) to go with staggered sizes. Now, looking at the Camaro, I see two viable options:

    1) Go with 17x9.5 rims, and the "stock" 275/40-17. Easy to find tires, easy to fit, no issues, yay.
    2) Go with two 17x9.5 rims and two 17x11s, and the "stock" 275/40-17s up front, with the 315/35-17 in the rear.

    Now, I'm fairly well read-up on what needs to be done to make them fit in the back, so that's not a huge concern. My bigger question and concern is this: How does it affect the handling? How "different" would it feel with the 315/35-17s in the back, compared to 275s all the way around? Would it handle worse? Better? Assuming, of course, an approximately "equal" tire in both situations.

    It's a Camaro, so I'm not shooting for excellent handling, as I haven't done any suspension work on it yet, I know I'll have room to tweak; of course, with the 315s, I'd have to worry about clearance down the road...

    Thoughts? Mockings?

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    the car likes same size allround... I went w/ 315s on all corners... allows to rotate as well... more room in the front than in the rear.
    What springs/shocks you have ?
    almost stock triple-black 2000 SS convertible with 17x11s on all 4 w/ 315s at the track or on the street with 18x10.5s on all 4 w/ 315s: (1), (2)

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