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good tires for 450rwhp

This is a discussion on good tires for 450rwhp within the Wheels and Tires forums, part of the General Help category; i have kumho ecsta's on my 98 ss (they suck). im around 450rwhp and im getin ready to throw a ...

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    good tires for 450rwhp

    i have kumho ecsta's on my 98 ss (they suck). im around 450rwhp and im getin ready to throw a 100 shot on it. the tires get terrible traction. im trying to decide on the nitto 555's or the nitto 555R's. its mainly a street car, it will only see the track maybe twice a year. its an m6 still with the 10 bolt. i heard the DR's dont last very long also. i just wanted to get some opinions on what tires i should get. Thanks

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    How bad do you wanna hook on the street? MT ET Streets drag radials will hook the best. They wear very fast though

    I currently have nitto 555r's, but havnet really had a chance to test them with my rear end problems. But lots of people run the 555R's on the street.I didnt really like the MT ET Streets for even semi DD use. They were way to soft for me and made my car feel very 'off' at higher speeds.
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    if its a street car like mine (im sitting 460rwhp), use the 555r's. im running 315/35/17 nitto 555r's and have not had any issues with them.

    word of caution, these tires are not exactly rain friendly. so watch out so you dont hyrdoplane. since my car only sees good weather these days, this is no longer an issue for me.
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    Nitto DR's (the 555r's) hands down.

    I run them and they grab 1st gear unless it is cool out.
    Don't beat on them and they will last 15K miles.

    But...they will not hook that great at the track. At least not as well as other DR's out there. But the Nitto's wear MUCH better than any of the other DR's available.

    Want middle ground?? Better traction but will only last 5-7K miles?? BFG DR's.
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    I had a set of the Nitto's and run the dam guts out of them 275/40/17 and they prob got 20 passes on them that was about 3 yrs ago my buddy is running them on his STS z-28 hell they're prob 5 yrs old prob 15k on the road and 35 passes at the track? They do suck in the rain as said before but they are DR? I got MT ET street radials now and they do good on the road but not too great for manual tranny at the track? Friend says I'm shocking them too much but they are worse in the rain absolutely suck ass. Trying ET streets next just for the track though. Good luck

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