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Flat spot or out of balance

This is a discussion on Flat spot or out of balance within the Wheels and Tires forums, part of the General Help category; Hello All I just pulled the Z out from the winter storage and took her for a drive, I had ...

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    Flat spot or out of balance

    Hello All
    I just pulled the Z out from the winter storage and took her for a drive, I had put on a new to me, but used set of Goodyear F1 series tires and torque thurst 2 rims on during the storage. I had them balanced before mounting them on the Z. But the guy took off most of the wieght that was on them and even said one of the rims and tires did not need any at all? I had no problems with the old rims and tires at all.

    So anyway I have a shimmy in the steering wheel at about 60 -70 mph and it seems to come and go. I also swaped the rear to the front on each side independantly to try to isolate the problem but it always had a shimmy. slight but still there. Any Ideas would be apreaciated.

    My first thing will be to get them rebalanced.

    If the tires are flat spotted from sitting will that go away?

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    Flat spots are common on the original Goodyears. However if you still feel them after warming up the tires then you need them balanced. I recently spoke with Goodyear HQ (since you can't trust the sales people) and they said to closely check BOTH sides of the tires for any cracking, especially by the rims. If nothing seen, then the tire should be fine and the flat spots should disappear once warmed up sufficiently. Hope for the best!! If you need new rubber the Goodyear GSD3 is the way to go. Expensive, but worth it.

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    I also have a back vibration coming from the rear of my car, well my first thought was that one of the tires werent balanced right because the tires are brand new. SO i took it to the chevy dealership to have them look at it, and they said that one of my rims was bent bad on the inside. So i ordered new rims today. i cant wait to get them on and see if it goes away.

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