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Falken and Hankook Tires

This is a discussion on Falken and Hankook Tires within the Wheels and Tires forums, part of the General Help category; I'm buying a wheel and tire package. I am going for replica Cragar SS. The place I am ordering from ...

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    Falken and Hankook Tires

    I'm buying a wheel and tire package. I am going for replica Cragar SS. The place I am ordering from mainly offers Falken and Hankook tires. I was looking to get some reviews and recommendations. However, Tire Rack does not offer these brands so I could not get much help on my decision. What do you guys think...any experience with them?

    Falken tires Azenis ST-115
    Falken tires Ziex ZE-512 (Most likely my choice - all season)
    Falken tires GRB FK-451

    Hankook Tires - Ventus Sport K104 (They can give me a good deal on them)
    Hankook Tires - H405 Ventus HRII

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    Last week I bought a wheel/tire package from DTD and I chose a Hankook tire, but they recommend for $3 more to get the Falken GRB FK-451, I like them and they have nice grooves to channel water, seen good reviews on them. They are a directional tire and So far no complaints...When they came mounted and I put them on the car I couldn't figure out why traction was terrible since they were 275 width compared to my old 245's.. Found at 35 psi they are great, at 45 psi they were when they arrived they are way too stiff...ride is better now too. I am going to use them all year in Washington state, rains alot and ice out sometimes, but very little snow(maybe 3 days a year and some years none).

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    For my experience(i ve tryed hankook k-104,h405 and k-102) the big problem with those tire is that their sidewall are too soft and doesnt handle like a performance tire should do.

    I ve also read a lot of people blowing these tire because of the weak sidewall.

    I let you guess what i ma running right now...

    FALKEN FK-451 in 285/35zr18 and for the price they are awesome,to be really sticky on dry road they need to be a little warm up and the pressure set between 35 and 40 psi .

    Has for a example you cannot compare the falken with a F1 GS-D3 wich is (100$ more expensive) but this is a better then average tire and i would definitly buy them again.

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    I'm runnig the falken ze-512 on front only. I have only had them on for
    about a month with no problems. I bought them at
    They were $71 a piece with free shipping. I'm saving for another set for the

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