So 2 years ago I bought some TSW Cadwell's and now they are pitting up some and don't look as good as they should. They have a 2 year warrenty on them which is up on July 2nd. I have made a few trips to resolve the issue at discount tire. First they said they would send me a new set while I sent those back to them, then it turned into I send them back and wait to get them back. Downtime should be roughly a month or more.

The downside is I do not have a replacement set of wheels for the car. so I will miss the entire car show season and summer cruising with the car. The other negative is I am trying to find a cheap replacement set of wheels, however I am still looking at at least $500 for some cheap stock wheels and tires... just to drive while they fix this warranty issue... This f'n blows!!!

So now today I go into discount tire again today and I see if their is anyway I can extend this or if they will just let me slide through the summer so I can drive my car and that's a no go.... but the guy said they could send me a new set, however if they deem my issues to not be under warranty I am stuck with buying the new set of wheels they sent me...

So basically if they just dont feel like covering it, I am out another $1,200 and once their mounted, I can't send em back.

Any suggestions?