Okay all, I'm going to give the abridged version of what's going on. I just got done doing a full C6 Z06 six piston brake upgrade on my car. problem is, my custom 18" Ruff 280's will not fit with the deep dish that they have.

So my question now is... what can I get on here that will clear the calipers, not stick out too far, and still get a wide rear tire in the back.

I'm looking at the C6 Z06 Spyder wheel. The front spacing is identical to the TT II's but the back spacing is another inch deep. These are 19x12 rears. I know that a lot of people have their stock WS6 wheels widened from 9 to 11 which gives them an 8" backspacing and they can make it work. But with the 19x12's I'll have an 8.3" backspacing.

Is there ANY way I can get these wheels to fit? Suggestions please... but only constructive.