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C6 'vette alignment specs

This is a discussion on C6 'vette alignment specs within the Wheels and Tires forums, part of the General Help category; Got C6 tires/wheels on my car. Love them...almost. See my other thread here for more details: You'll see from ...

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    C6 'vette alignment specs

    Got C6 tires/wheels on my car. Love them...almost. See my other thread here for more details:
    17"/18" 245/275 C5 Vette Wheels on Pewter Z

    You'll see from that other thread that the wider tires on our cars create certain handling problems.

    So my thought was to have my front end aligned to the same specs as the C6 vette. Does anyone know/have those specs? Reason I ask is if the rear axle on the C6 is aligned to anything other than all zeros (same as a basic solid axle) that would explain how our vette brothers avoid the handling problem we deal with...and blow up my bright idea of how to fix our handling issues.


    Thanks for any info everyone...


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    I would not alter the alignment specs based on new wheels. You could get a more aggressive alignment for your own driving habits/wants though.

    This site shows stock as well as a more aggressive alignment options:

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    LOL this pic made me laugh

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    Latest report.

    Anyone with experience with these tires/wheels please jump in.

    I was taking a closer look at my car yesterday and discovered the inside (approx 4 inches) of my front tires was worn down to the cords. The rest of the front tires still had about 50% useable tread on them. Additionally the rears look great (probably 75%) tread left.

    Now I would think my front end alignment was out of whack if it was one tire, but both tires worn almost identically.

    More info: I put a pair of my stock tires/wheels back on the front to get the car to a shop. Even those the stockers I was driving on were dry rotted and worn the car handled TONS better than with the vette tires (Goodyear F1 EMT etc.). Additionally, before I went with the bigger tires/wheels (Rears are 19 /10.5 wheels with P285/35 ZR19 tires, fronts are 18 x 9 with P245/40 ZR18) the stock tires/wheels were wearing perfectly. In fact, the tread was flawless, I replaced the stock tires/wheels because of their age/sun rot.

    Here's my theory...and what to you think:
    By putting the wheel combo above on the car you raise the rear of the car at least 1 inch. Probably more, the front tires are shorter than our stock Z28 tires. Without changing the front end alignment we've at least decreased the caster (which would explain my handling gripes in the previous post). But why oh why would my stock tires/wheels wear so evenly then have the car lunch the Vette Goodyears so badly? Again the only wear issue (no cupping or scrubbing) was the inside of both tires wore out way too fast. One thing that I'm sure was a contributor was braking. I know my abs was effectively biasing the front tires more heavily because of the different diameters. I never fixed the brakes, just drove it.

    Has anyone else dealt with this? $350 each Goodyears are painfull sacrifices.

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