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This is a discussion on Brakes within the Wheels and Tires forums, part of the General Help category; Hey guys, I am thinking about getting new brakes for my car. Right now I have the stock Rotors and ...

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    Hey guys, I am thinking about getting new brakes for my car. Right now I have the stock Rotors and calipers on my 2001 Trans Am WS6. I have heard from several friends to get Brembo brakes or Baer brakes. How big do you think i should go?

    I found a few sets on which seem pretty good, what do you guys think?

    If you guys have any recomendations of yourself let me know. Thanks

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    you dont need to unless you are racing the stockers are killer as is the only up grade i would do is mabe a set of braded lines and sume good roters like bear.

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    just get the Brembo plane stock replacement rotors w/ good pads...
    then bleed the system w/ a good fluid and you're good.
    If you want to upgrade brakes, I recommend getting the C5 upgrade... best bang for the buck, for the extra braking power.
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