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275/40's on a 17x8

This is a discussion on 275/40's on a 17x8 within the Wheels and Tires forums, part of the General Help category; I heard that the Nittos DR's run super narrow, and you can stuff a 275 wide tire on the stock ...

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    275/40's on a 17x8

    I heard that the Nittos DR's run super narrow, and you can stuff a 275 wide tire on the stock GTO rim....

    is it safe at high speeds, and safe for daily driving. believe it or not, there are some guys on, that have put 315 wide tires on stock 17x8 gto rims, and drive around......thats way too risky for me, but I think that 275 should be decent

    anyone with some experience?

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    Can't comment on GTO fitment, but I had a pair of Nitto 275/40/17 on stock 17x9's and they actually looked too narrow for the rim. They should look to be a perfect fit on a 17x8...especially since Nitto's recommendations are very "off" the actual measurements of their own tires.

    Nitto says their 275/40/17's fit 9-11" rims, LOL...I'd love to see an 8.5" wide (actual and true width) tire stretched out on an 11" rim. Everybody says the 315's on a 9 or 9.5" rim is unsafe, I wonder how they'd react to seeing a manufacturer recommended 11" wide rim with a tire who's tread is an honest 2.5" narrower than the wheel??? A tire that is STRETCHED that far to seal the bead is much more unsafe than the other way around. Not to mention it would look absolutely stupid. I had a set of Nitto DR's in a 315/35 and on a 11" wide rim they looked lost...I can only imagine what a 275 would look like.
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    the nitto's fit fine on a stock rim thats what i race and drive on

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    17x8, you should be putting 245s...
    275s are for 9-11" wide rims on 17" rims.
    315s are for 11-13" wide rims.
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    17" x 8" can also be used with a 255/45/17.

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    I agree with REL3RD. I had the chance to see this first hand while at Barrett Jackson. A wheel manufacture had a huge display with various tire sizes on both 8 and 9.5 inch wheels.

    I can honestly say the 275 looked the best on the 8 inch wheel. I really never liked the factory 275's on our SS wheels that are 9.5 inches wide. The sidewall actually appears to be stretched out to reach the wheel, not only is the look horrible, but it offers no wheel protection at all, and the rim guard that some tires are molded with aren't much count either.

    Yet the 275 on the 8 inch wheel looked great, actually looked like you had some rubber on there, the side walls buldged just enough to look great and offered more wheel protection too. I see no reason as to why this would even be a safety concern at all, it's the way tires used to be for the better parts of 75 years before all this low profile crap came out.

    Now if I could just find a tire that would do that on the factory 17x9.5's I'd be set. 285's are only offered in very few brands.

    It looked as though the 315's would do this but I don't think that would clear on the front.

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    thansk for clearing things up. yeah, i guess I can trust pictures, and word of mouth about the 555r's

    once I get the car, and new tires I'll post up pics.....but thats pretty far in the future

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    My friend has 265s on back of his GTO

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