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This is a discussion on Wrecked-Options!? within the Appearance Section forums, part of the General Help category; Coming home from work the other night I came around a corner and hit a cyote or a dog! I ...

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    Coming home from work the other night I came around a corner and hit a cyote or a dog! I got a quote for $4500! My question is what options do I have?? Should I let a reputable shop fix her peice by peice or get a front clip from a donor car?

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    $4500 is way to much. All you need Is a bumper, fender and a headlight. Doesn't look to bad.
    Best way to go is buy parts from a donor car, craigslist is a good place to find em.

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    ^^^^ OUCH..Man sorry that happened! But my buddy had his Camaro hit too and it looks (to me) that all you`d need is a L/f fender and front fascia,also the headlamp assembly and all the other doo dads that go along with that ,Just be glad it didnt wreck the hood ( his SS hood was bank!) also be glad your air bag didnt deploy THAT is expenvise!! I`d let a reputable shop take care of it! To me even if you have a donor car you still have to get it all lined up correctly,have it painted and to have it match it will have to be blended with the door panels etc.....and black is NOT easy to do (correctly)..Are you insured for this or is it out of pocket? JMO of course.

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    If your insured then get a SS hood out of it or some other hood, maybe get some nice headlights too

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    I agree with getting the parts and doing the work yourself. Just get a shop to paint the replacement parts once installed. Hopefully you'll be able to get a front spoiler as all the RS Camaros I have seen in my area are minus the front spoiler.

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