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Wheel Well Detailing

This is a discussion on Wheel Well Detailing within the Appearance Section forums, part of the General Help category; O- I am sorry man. I was gonna paint mine but since they have grooves and major rust I am ...

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    O- I am sorry man. I was gonna paint mine but since they have grooves and major rust I am ordering new E rotors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zapper2003 View Post
    how did you go about keeping paint off the surface where the pads make contact, or did you just paint it then 'ride the brakes' to get it off? I may have to get some black VHT paint for mine.
    Here is a small write up of what I did

    Write up as requested below.....

    Basically, it's a time consuming venture. I started off by removing the wheels and unbolting the brake calipers from the spindles. Just stack some boards up and rest the caliper on top of them so there isn't any stress on the brake line.

    Sand the area you want to paint with 220 or 400 grit followed by 800 grit to give it a nice paintable surface.

    Tape up the rotor using blue painters tape (Comes off really easy). I ripped off 1 inch pieces of tape and basically followed the lines where the brake pad meets the rotor as best I could. A little bit of overspray onto the rotor can be cleaned up with some sand paper afterward.

    Take an old towel that you can spare or some newspaper and mask off the fenders and suspension.

    Lay down a good coat of high temp primer. Follow the directions on the paint can.

    Put on a couple of coats of your preferred color and let dry. (High Temp Paint again)

    Now slap on a couple of coats of clear to give it a bit of a shine. (High Temp)

    While the paint was drying, I washed the wheels and tires inside and out.

    Bolt the calipers back in place.

    Last but not least, put the wheels back on the car and you're done.

    Total time, 6 hours if you take your time.

    Note* You can do this with the calipers on, it's just much more time consuming having to rotate the hub to do half of the rotor at a time.

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    Ahh, so you did mask it, you did a good enough job around the 'hub' area of the rotor that it doesn't look masked. Thanks for that info.

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    Car looks awesome, I love Pewter SS's

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    i did my rotors on my old grand prix.....just get a peice of oak tag and cut it to fit around the center where u want to spray....itll keep it off the rotor itself and if u get a little on the rotor use a little brake cleaner on a sock and just whipe it off

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