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What to look for when looking for a painter?

This is a discussion on What to look for when looking for a painter? within the Appearance Section forums, part of the General Help category; This is for those of you that have painted your cars or are painters. What do you look for when ...

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    What to look for when looking for a painter?

    This is for those of you that have painted your cars or are painters.

    What do you look for when looking for a painter?

    Last night I ran into a guy at the auto parts store. He had a 06 Tahoe that was an awesome blue. He said it was called Southern Comfort Baby Blue. He had done it himself and had been painting cars for the last 12 yrs. I was in my bird and he said that he had one for a while too. Same yr as mine, he seemed very familiar with the car. We got to talking about my future plans on getting a new hood and I told him I was wanting to paint it at the least the same color but really want to do a color change. He pulls out his iphone and starts showing me some of his work and it looks very impressive so far.

    He told me that he could do a full color change (door jams, wheel wells, etc) for $500 for materials and about $1000 for labor. I told him that I would like to help in the process if possible and he said no problem. He said that he has 3 booths that he has privileges with and to do a complete break down, prep, spray, wet sand and clear would take about 2 weeks. He also said he would guarantee his work.

    If I do a full color change I want to do a gun metal gray as a base with black accents.

    What should I ask or look for before I commit to doing this?

    One other question. How would the engine bay be done? Drop the whole engine with K member to do this?

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    Own personal experience would be a

    1. A contract, to hold up in court. Just for the warranty, parts, labor, etc, so the Judge will believe you more than say a verbal agreement.

    2. References, at least 5 or more, and personally go check their cars out, not just chit chat on the phone. Pictures will not work either.

    3. Engine bay, remove everything. Clean. Reinstall after paint. Its tedious work, but makes the outcome 1000 more times enjoyable.

    Good luck with your decision, I think your color combo will be phenomenal.

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    Look at the space he paints in, is it clean and tidy or is the shop a mess, does he have quality paints in the shop or cheep junk, look over his work and see if you like it if you do go for it sounds like a good price. My painter is a family friend he dosent do any custom work he just fixes whats messed up but his work is amazing. Last year he did my sisters grand prix which has spent most of its life outside in the sun from being a dd and parked at a park n ride but he matched it perfect and now my birds in the shop and i wouldent go anywhere else. Good luck with getting your bird painted

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