Every now and then, I come across pictures of cars on the internet that have had interesting things done to them to give a unique look without it being overkill and somehow retaining a sort of "from-the-factory" look if you didn't know any better. What are some of the most unique things you guys have seen done to Camaros (cosmetically) that you could say the same about?

A while back, when I had my '95 Camaro, I did the whole headlight swap that replaced the stock rectangular housings with round projector lights. Totally changed the look and I never once came across anyone else that had them. I hated the car, but always loved those.
Also, while looking for CME valances a few days ago, I happened across a few photos of someone's 98+ Camaro that appeared to have painted bondo (perhaps) joining the aftermarket skirts to the bottom of the car, giving it a seamless look. Thought that was pretty neat.
And lastly, years and years ago, I saw pictures of someone's 93+ Camaro with extensive fiberglass bodywork done to give it a weird, exotic look. Almost unrecognizable as a Camaro. Never once have I been able to find those pictures again. Curious if I'd still think it looked good or if it's one of those things I'd only find attractive as a teenager.