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Tip: How to polish de-fog headlights

This is a discussion on Tip: How to polish de-fog headlights within the Appearance Section forums, part of the General Help category; Please dont mind that i did this to my eclipse. id do the camaro but they arent foggy just yet. ...

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    Please dont mind that i did this to my eclipse. id do the camaro but they arent foggy just yet. with that being said this still applies to any car that has a plastic lense for the headlights. enjoy

    Im posting this as a helpful tip or fact, or a howto. I learned this somewhere else and cant even remember where to be honest, so i thought i would do this to help anyone else out with their headlight fogging or fading or scratching issues. its pretty simple, and almost impossible to screw up. dont be intimidated by the fact your using sandpaper on your lights. like i said its almost impossible to screw up. if you do make a mistake you can always sand it back out. items i used were the following

    200grit sandpaper (very aggressive will get any good scratches,nicks or light gouges out)

    600(wet or dry sand paper. not as aggressive as 200 but still very stout at removing finer scratches)

    1000 grit (wet or dry, getting finer on the aggresiveness, starting to polish with this)

    1500 grit(wet or dry, even finer as above really starting to notice its ability to polish

    2000 grit(wet or dry, finishing touches on scratches really polishing and making the lense smooth)

    mothers powerball (used as finishing polisher)

    turtle wax polishing compound ( as title says, it polishes)

    1 spray bottle, used to lubricate the sand paper (always keep paper and lense wet!)

    1st step is to spray the snot out of the headlight with the spray bottle, which should only be water).

    also mist the lense with clean water and dry off with towel in between each step

    2. start sanding with the 200grit sand paper. making sure to keep lense and paper wet, if you feel resistance, spray more water. you cant have too much. the picture shows what the lense will look like when you feel as thought your done with this paper, yes there are a ton of scratches, but dont worry

    3. wet down lense with water again, and start sanding with 600 grit. you will still notice alot of scratches but if you rub it with your hand its not as rough as before

    4. repeat above steps with 1000 grit paper. will start to get clearer on you and will start getting smooth

    5. same as above with 1500 grit

    6. same as abovewith 2000 grit. lense will look finished when its still wet, and virtually no scratches

    7. smear on a good amount of the polishing compound. spray a few times with spray bottle so it is a little runny. rub the powerball thru it to spread it around then giver her hell and really get in there and polish her up. thats when the lense will come to life on you. you can repeat this step another time if youd like to achieve ultra clarity

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