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Reverse Hinged Hood

This is a discussion on Reverse Hinged Hood within the Appearance Section forums, part of the General Help category; Has anyone reversed hinged the hood on a Camaro? I would like to hinge the hood like a Vette. I ...

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    Reverse Hinged Hood

    Has anyone reversed hinged the hood on a Camaro? I would like to hinge the hood like a Vette.

    I am wondering how difficult it would be.


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    Would probably be a total PITA because of the header panel, and the fact that the hood is so close to the top of the support You would probably have to have custom hinges made that swing the hood way out in front of the bumper, and then it would just look gay IMO.

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    From a fabrication stand point you'd prolly have to devise/find a set of hood hinges that popped/raised the front lip of the hood first and then you'd reach over grabbing the top near the windsheild and pull it up. Like a 2 step hinge.
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    no one here has, i've never seen or heard of it on a fourth gen, they sell kits for '69s i know, and they are upwards of $1k.

    dont tear that B4C up IMO

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