I am currently prepping the stereo and ac trim piece for paint and the corners have these dimple looking things that you can barely see in the light, you can't feel them at all. Will they affect the paint being smooth if I started painting now? The other trim pieces I painted had this but came off a lot.easier. I tried taking a picture but you can't see it.

Before sanding:

After sanding:

It's hard to see but it is completely smooth. I dry sanded with 320 grit sand paper, them #000.steel wool, wet sanded with 320 grit sand paper, and then wet sanded with #000 steel wool

This was my attempt to show what I am talking about. There is some discoloration as dots and that is where the dimples are but really small.

I plan on using primer first so that may fill the dimples so you can't see them at all.