We dont do alot of buffing, never really get asked for it that often. In all honesty I dont know what speedlines are, my partner in crime Ntimid8r7 would, but Im the Harley guy out of the two of us so Id have to see a picture to know what you are talking about.

Basically, a 15" wheel is $50 and each inch above 15" is an extra $10 per wheel. Now that is for one color and no masking. For masking and two colors that would be more. Id have to see the wheel and know exactly what you want before I could give you an exact quote on them, but that should cover the basics. We can buff if you wish, but keep in mind that will have to masked when shooting color which costs us more, so, you know, it costs you more.

If you need anymore info dont hesitate to ask, but please be specific and add a picture if possible.

Mike Oh yeah, almost forgot, we ship, no worries.