I recently bought a 98 z-28 that apparently has been hit hard anough in the front for the previous owner to buy another front bumper and a passanger side head light. Didnt have any hood damage or fender damage. The problem is that the replacement bumper they got is crappy at best. It doesnt line up and the sides where the fenders meet it stick out. The bumper isnt cut out or whatever very well. Plus it looks like a 1st grader painted it with spray paint. Not only did they not paint it OFF the car but they didnt even bother to tape it up or remove old paint from anywhere. Anyways I need a good quality front bumper that is going to line up perfect. Year one wants like 450 bucks. I found some on ebay for like 60 bucks but I am afraid that those will be crappy like the rest. If anyone has any ideas where I can get a good fitting bumper let me know. I would prefer not to pay 450 for one, but if thats all that will fit right then so be it. Thanks for your input.