[FONT="Garamond"][SIZE="3"][SIZE="6"]About a week and a half ago some Jerkoff backed into by car denting the Left rear quarter Panel and really messing up the Fuel Door and inner plastic.

[I] searched and was only able to find bits and pieces and not a real write up on the MOD.

Rhis was a Hit & Run so I am out the $500 Deductable unless the Officers can fine the Jerk-0ff. But I figured perfect time for the Mitsubishi Fuel Door Mod.

Anyway Since I need a new fuel door and new fuel door inner plastic pocket, I thought I should just buy the chrome Mitsubishi Fuel door and have the body shop install it instead of the stock fuel door only I do not have a part number for the Mitsubishi Fuel Door.

Only problem is I need detailed instructions on how to install and Chrome Mitubishi Fuel Door on a 98 Formula Firebird? I also need a part number for the Chrome Mitsubishi fuel door as I have no idea or clue what that might be?

I would like as detailed as instructions can be so the Body Shop can understand the simpliest of instruction when installing the Mitsubishi Fuel Door Mod on my 98 Formula Firebird WS.6. I figure the simple that the instructions are the least possible chance the Body Shop will screw things up.

Anyone have any write upa available with pics?

I have seen a few cars here with this Mod and think now is the time since the bodyshop has to do the wok around the fuel door area anyway. I just want to provide vlear instructions with pictures so th eBodyshop won't mees it up. O also need the part number for the Mitsubishi Chrome fuel door?

I appreciate any help and photos along with instructions I will greatly appreciate any and all pictures and detailed information you provide
thank you.

Thank You
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