just ordered a stingray hood for my white Z28. i wanted something different and not a lot of people have this type hood, plus i'm a vette fan. i'm going to have just the cowl and the horn painted black. i'm not sure if i should get the manta stripe in the back because IMO they only look good with pin stripes. the cowl/horn won't have pin stripes. can you all post pics of your stripes so i can make up my mind. also i'm ordering the 3 piece 2" spoiler at the end of the month and if i don't go with the stripe i'm thinking about something for the side, like the yenko stripes or the sunco ones. would like to see some pics of those of you who have them as well. hood and spoiler won't show up for another 3 weeks and i'll be getting the paint job done shortly before i come home for R&R leave. The hood and spoiler were fathers day/birthday presents from the wife. also she's going to help out with the paint job through a friend of the family so that i can come home to better looking car. i'de appreciate any help or input from you all. i'll be home in august so i've got a couple of months to work with on this issue.