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how to remove window tint?

This is a discussion on how to remove window tint? within the Appearance Section forums, part of the General Help category; My back window is not tinted but soon will be. My driver side and passenger side window tint has streaks ...

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    how to remove window tint?

    My back window is not tinted but soon will be. My driver side and passenger side window tint has streaks in it and im going to remove the tint and get it retinted. and their both double tinted. Im removing both laters but im only going to retint it with one layer. So whats the best way going about removing the tint. Step for step thanks guys.

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    Peel the mass of the tint off, then mix water and baby shampoo spray it on the glue residue it wil gum up and then take a razor blade and it will come right off. I worked in a tint shop for a while and thats what i used. a brillo pad works well on the back glass around the defogger lines.

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    Question. Since you're getting it retinted, wouldn't the place doing the tint job remove the old tint for you?

    Or are you going to tint it yourself?

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    Most places will charge to remove old tint.

    A good way to remove tint is to spray (more like soak) the tint in ammonia, then take some black trash bags and stick them on the windows and let it bake in the sun for 30 minutes or so. Then grab a razor blade and peel a corner to get started, and if you're lucky, it will all come off in one piece.

    I've also read of people using steamers with good success.

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