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Which Hood?

This is a discussion on Which Hood? within the Appearance Section forums, part of the General Help category; Hey guys, My Formula has been hanging at the body shop for 2 weeks waiting for the last part . ...

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    Which Hood?

    Hey guys,

    My Formula has been hanging at the body shop for 2 weeks waiting for the last part . . . the hood. I know I'm a slow poke but I just don't know which hood to buy. I have stoppped on 2 models, the SLP HO and the Mecham Design one, but I just can't choose between both. Any suggestions, ideas or comments/feedback about these 2 hoods? I have read that the mecham one was having troubles with it's strenght, but that's about it. Let me know!

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    hmmmm niether is my personally favorite... but between the 2... the slp ho... i love the mecham vents, but i dont like the fire hawk style low rise intake... and ive heard there are fitment issues on the mecham and that alot of them require glass work for fitment to be where you want it...

    y not just a ws6 or a ws9 (pretty sure this is the one that is just a ws6 with firehawk heat extractors)... i know its just a GM hood, but i cant think of a better hood on an camaro then and SS... gm did it right with the hoods...


    and i beleive the mecham requires a prop because of strength... if you want a good opinion on mech am go to havoc... i know his car has had one for atleast 4 years... ask him what kind of shape its in...

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    For formulas i always say raptor, so it gets my vote.
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