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Wax question

This is a discussion on Wax question within the Showcar and Detailing forums, part of the General Help category; I personally have used nothing but Meguiars .. Gold Class works wonders..I just recently picked up the polishing ball from ...

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    I personally have used nothing but Meguiars .. Gold Class works wonders..I just recently picked up the polishing ball from Mother's and the chrome polish from them also and the rims look like mirrors.

    Heres a nifty little link
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    A random orbital will be more useful to you for most detailing purposes. It will remove swirls and paint issues (in fact it is quite versatile for all up to the most serious paint issues. Random orbitials can even be used for wet-sanding if its done with care. Rotarys generate more heat, thus they can tackle tougher jobs quicker than random orbitals, but they require more attention as they can be unforgiving to neglect or mistakes).

    You can add as much wax to your paint as you feel fit. In my experience, a good wax will make the surface more wet and have better depth of shine. However, the quality of your results rely very heavily on the prep work. No amount of wax can substitute for thorough prep work. The best prep work will normally involve several polishes, ranging from mild or non abrasive cleaners to fairly aggressive but (always) clearcoat safe polishes. The paint surface MUST be absolutely clean of all residues and old waxes or sealants, and must be streak free (no swirls).

    After you perform the necessary prep work, then you can move on the the Last Step Product (LSP) of your choice. There have been heated debates on which type of lsp will yeild the better results, so I'll stop short of giving any recommendations. I will say, however, that there are significant differences between brands of lsps, and these differences are the result of the ingredients and quality of the product. Your best recourse will be to start with proven quality products.

    If you are really curious about the ins and outs of detailing, then I'd encourage you to visit a few detailing boards to really get started into learning about the different methods of producing the optimal finish for your car.

    It can be fun, so don't get too discouraged. Happy waxing!

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    never used zaino, but it gets the shine and depth from the multiple layers of sealant wax that you have to apply. It's like anything in life, for things to be done right/better, you'll have to apply more time and money.

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