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Dude.The pads make ALL the difference. Do not use the 3m compound unless you have scratches that are deep as hell. Try the Menz SIP and Nano on a 2x2 area and see what happens. I suggest using a Lake Country White polishing pad for both polishes. If the white pad doesn't get the desired results try a Lake Country Orange pad with the SIP and follow with the White pad with the Nano.

The Menz SIP and Nano take a little practice to get right. The temperature and humidity affect the Menz polishes big time so one certain day it may take 3minutes to break the polish down on a 2x2 area and on another day it may take 5minutes. You will want to keep a spray bottle of distilled H2o to prime your pad and sometimes spray during polishing if the polish dry prematurely.

You really should go and read up about Menz on Autogeek forums-so you have a better idea of how to use it and what to expect. You should read about pads as well.

Good Luck.
I agree. Always use the least aggressive method to reach your desired results.
Megs 105/205 combo is AWESOME also.
There are a number of good Detail websites to learn from.