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This is a discussion on Scratches within the Showcar and Detailing forums, part of the General Help category; OK, so I bought my 2002 Camaro LE a week or so ago and as I have said in a ...

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    OK, so I bought my 2002 Camaro LE a week or so ago and as I have said in a couple other threads...the car does need a little TLC. One of the problems is the car has a couple key scratches. Apparently, the previous owner pissed some friend of his off and he decided to run a key across the Camaro a couple times.

    Anyway, it has a couple scratches...including one pretty good one on the hood. The hood scratch is a "chattering" scratch that goes through the paint. The others aren't quite so bad.

    What I was wondering is...if someone could give me some advice about masking the scratches. Perhaps suggest some waxes, compounds, ect. that might help hide them a bit. I don't have the money to get the area's repainted right now and I just want to see if I can buff and polish them so maybe they turn redish again. I don't know if its possible, but I figured you guys would know.


    ...and yes, I know it needs a bath. Thats going to happen tomorrow.

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    It looks like it's gone past the clear. Really not a whole lot you can do
    Buffing can eliminate the shallower scratches at the ends, making it look better
    Perhaps that's your best option along with some wetsanding
    You can also use a paint kit from Langka
    The only thing is that paint scratch repair kits have to be applied correctly and follow the directions for it to come out good, as often times it comes out worse than if had left alone in the first place, but it can be done. If you have access to a rotary buffer, you can actually finish it off nicely after the Langka application
    Mods: I'm posting a live link since Langka is not competing with forum vendors. If I'm mistaken, please feel free to fix. Thanks!
    Demo videos here:

    Another good article on how-to:

    PS: If by any chance you're thinking Meguiars ScratchX...forget about it. That won't work in your case at all
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    Just like he said. It looks like the scratches went into the primer. Not a whole lot you can do. I dont think a buffer will fix it. I thought I saw a company that made a marker for fixing scratches. I could be wrong though.

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