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Have a question for the detail guru's as I'm sure there's something simple I haven't thought of yet.

New used vehicle has hard water stains on the glass. They look as though the person I picked the car up from just washed and didn't dry completely so I thought it was typical stains, but they will not come off without a nuclear reaction.

Started small and have worked my way up in intensity of items.

*glass cleaner - no impact
*polish using porter cable - no impact
*swirl and scratch remover - no impact
*medium cut cleaner with porter cable - no impact
*rubbing compound with rag - no impact
*metal polish with rag - removes 80% after tedious amount of rubbing on small section applied. If you change the angle of light they are still ghosted on in
the background but almost completely invisible otherwise.
*someone mentioned metal polish with super fine steel wool, but I'm worried that may etch the glass and look just as bad if not worse.

This is unlike anything I've ever come across. They seem to buff out of the paint without too many woes sofar, but the glass seems like it was forged in the pits of hell. Does anybody have suggestions on what I could use? I will go insane having to rub every square inch of glass out 2" at a time on a full size pickup.
Looks like you may already have a solution.
However, a friend I work with swears this product works for removing water spots from his cars.
I will admit, I haven't tried it yet but have purchased a bottle and plan to give it a try soon.
The product comes in a copper color plastic bottle.
It's called "Whink Rust Stain Remover."
I found it at Wal-mart which is where he buys it.
He tells me to apply a little to a rag and hand rub a small area.
After ensuring it is working with out causing any issues, continue. Guess that's his disclaimer.
My disclaimer is; I haven't tried it yet so.... try it at your own risk.