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Question Regarding Cleaning Engine/Engine Bay

This is a discussion on Question Regarding Cleaning Engine/Engine Bay within the Showcar and Detailing forums, part of the General Help category; As the title states, I have a few questions. I am wanting to powerwash my motor and the engine bay ...

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    Question Regarding Cleaning Engine/Engine Bay

    As the title states, I have a few questions. I am wanting to powerwash my motor and the engine bay becuase it's seen cleaner days.

    For those that have done this, what do I need to cover/protect from getting wet. Stupid question, I know. But, oh well.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    main thing to cover is the alternator
    plastic bag, tin foil, whatever you can find

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    A wet rag

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    Quote Originally Posted by tatertot91 View Post
    main thing to cover is the alternator
    plastic bag, tin foil, whatever you can find
    yes, that's really it. Don't be surprized if there is still grease and build up though. The pressure washer won't remove everything. you'lll want to physically degrease and brush off the hard spots, then use the PW to hose it away for good once it's loose.

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    i use something like a degeraser, but at like 5:1 or 10:1 and a big tire brush. works like a charm! check out the saturn sky detail thread, look how nice it is!

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    Also if you have access to hot water it will help alot. The water we used at my old work was scalding hot and cut engine bay grease like crazy. Sprayed Jax Wax degreaser, agitated it with the brush, then just sprayed it all off with hot water. Worked like a charm.

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    Make sure the motor is cool. Half the degreaser's say to let the motor run then spray it, but DO NOT DO THAT. I would also cover up the PCM and the area around the coilpacks. Spray the cleaner and let it sit. Then re spray it and clean with a brush if needed. Then rinse it out really good and dont leave the hose in a certain spot for more than a few seconds. Try and blot up as much as possible. Try and see if you can get a leaf blower to get water out of the hard to reach areas. If you cant just take it for a spin and let it come up to operating temp. Let it cool and apply CD2, then close the hood and your all set.
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    ive done pro detailing, when i was detailing an engine bay purple power and wheel acid/cleaner (50/50 mix acid to water) and have the car running at all times and as was cover the altn. purple power first set for 2 to 3 min before starting car spray everywhere then rinse with car on, with car still on spray acid on (mainly on all the metal areas then rinse wright after. comes out looking brand new.

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