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MR.Clean Autodry

This is a discussion on MR.Clean Autodry within the Showcar and Detailing forums, part of the General Help category; has anyone tried to use the mrclean autodry and if so what did u think?cus i used it today and ...

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    MR.Clean Autodry

    has anyone tried to use the mrclean autodry and if so what did u think?cus i used it today and wasnt to impressed the car dried without spots like it said but instead of spots there where streaks of hard water left behind.....i rinsed the car for a good amount of time makin sure i got every inch but still not impressed....and where its reseonably spot/streak free its not very smooth makes the surface almost it just me or is this just how it supposed to be..o yea my cars black

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    I have one as well. Although it works much better than regular unfiltered Tap water, it still streaks and spots slightly, especially on the glass. I still have to use a chamois (Absorber) afterward to get the car dry.

    Just remember to change the trial filter out after 3 uses. The regular filter is good for about 10 or 12 washes. Use the soap setting sparingly, goes through soap fast!

    Since I already have it, I'll continue to use it, however don't waste your money. Still takes just as long to wash & Dry. Just is easier to dry cause it won't spot as fast.

    Plus it is kind of awkward and bulky with that big thing hanging off the end of the hose.

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    I have to agree with Rainman on almost all of his points. I live in south central PA and here we have some of the hardest water in the country. I use this thing on all 3 cars I have (dark blue and 2 silver) and I think it does save time and works fairly well. Much better than the bucket and sponge routine...

    If I wasn't quick enough and didn't get the water off the windows or car body, I would have hard water spots for days, or until I washed them again. Because of this I have always used a squeegee on my windows after a wash.

    But I tried this thing without using a squeegee and I don't see any streaks on the glass from this system. The filter creates filtered de-ionized water with the minerals removed. And that first trial filter does only work for 3 or 4 washes! You sure do not have to use much soap- it goes far- I use a quick spray center of hood- roof- trunk, wash and rinse- then the sides- carry the soapy mitt to do the front and rear.

    On average summer days, my cars dry quickly, and do not streak. And I don't hand dry them- just walk away and wait. I received it as a gift and will continue to use it. Just my opinion and experience. I have not felt any added roughness to the car surfaces.

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    the mr. clean autodry was the biggest waste of money i've used in a long time, haven't used it on my trans am, but on my celica (granted was black and gunmetal) spotted terribely no matter how much attention i paid or how long i went over it with the "spot free" cycle. if i wasn't so lazy i'd send it back, but never the less, i am lazy so it has sat in my garage for over a year now :P

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    hhmm i have the basic kit from them and i like it, i found i can let most of hte water run off the car and then i'll go over with something to asborb the rest, but i htink it works alot better than a bucket and water... for one thing ur not reusing the same water when ur washin the car... and i'm a pretty lazy person, i didnt change ne of the filters on it til about 10 washes later... and i just use generic soap in it i dont buy the small soap refill, it all works fine. i guess not everyone has the same exp with it tho.

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    I also own one. I've used it several times, and haven't had any problems. Some water lines are left behind, but I just go over the windows and any other spot with a soft coth to obsorb the left over. I like it. Think it works pretty well.

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