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How do you get rid of smoky, gasy, old car smell?

This is a discussion on How do you get rid of smoky, gasy, old car smell? within the Showcar and Detailing forums, part of the General Help category; How do you get rid of smoky, gasy, old car smell? The T/A we just got had been in and ...

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    How do you get rid of smoky, gasy, old car smell?

    How do you get rid of smoky, gasy, old car smell? The T/A we just got had been in and out of a workshop/warehouse full of other cars being worked on all the time and the guy also drove it alot and he smoked real heavy in the car. We sprayed febreeze, lysol, a box of dryer sheets, and left really strong strong candles (unlit) stay in the car for a couple of days with not to much luck. It seems to be in the carpet and seats pretty good. Any good tips?

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    Spray some heavy duty carpet cleaner on the carpet and then drive it to a detail shop and have tham shampoo the carpet (should be around 50$). That should help a lot, i bet a lot of the smell is old ashes rubbed into the carpet......also get a bucket with some soap and water and scrub down the seats (actually all the interior you can) with a sponge, dont be afraid to get the leather a little wet, just make sure you dry it really good and preferably condition it afterwards.......good luck to ya....i just picked up a 99' z28 and im doing just about everything i mentioned to you, I clean the heck out of every new/used car i get. Its a lot of work but once your done you'll notice a big difference and everytime you get into your car you will appreciate the cleaning you did.

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    If you can find a product called "Spray Nine" buy it and try it on the carpets, seats, everything you can spray it on. I'd remove the seats and do a thorough cleaning.

    I had my 75 Formula 400 in the shop "after" I had the interior done first...stupid ass mistake on my part.
    That helped me. Good Luck.

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    Replace the carpets and padding throughout, + mats.. Steam clean the seats..imho.

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    Cut a slit in a new bag of charcoal and let it sit in there with the doors closed. Gets cigarette stank out atleast for me

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